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Net Neutrality - Defend Internet Freedom in India!

By Bharath Subramanyam - Monday, 13 April 2015 No Comments

What exactly is the Internet?

The cyberspace is a medium, which is built roughly the idea of nakedness. The cyberspace is a platform which permits people to join and share the information freely.

What is being done to preserve Net Neutrality?  

Net Neutrality is nothing but freedom. Yes, previously we use to access any page on the web which belongs to any region of the universe. In elementary terms, suppose you are using a data pack and you have been charged Rupees 250 for 1GB data usage per month. 

Here you are allowed to access any internet site with equal speeds either it is YouTube, Facebook or WhatsApp, you are free to practice it until you consume 1GB.

What Will Happen When There Is No Net Neutrality?

When there is a situation, that there is no Net Neutrality, your ISP will hold the ability to regulate the Internet structure. For instance, currently in India Airtel and Vodafone are the two major telecommunication operators or ISP’s who are against “Net Neutrality”.

net neutrality

How Does It Affect Us?

When TRAI approves ISP’s application against Net Neutrality, then you will be charged 10 times more what you are paying today. For object lesson, as Google, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook & Twitter are a few of the major websites which are being accessed by the majority of Internet users. 

Those IPS’s demands some share of their income and if those websites refuse to pay then we the consumers are starting to pay for it.

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Presently Facebook is a part of the ISP’s Zero Rental Plan, and people who opted for ISP’s Zero Rental Data Plan you are allowed to access Facebook for free as Facebook has paid for that ISP. And finally that ISP has blocked the access to Twitter as they declined to ante up for Airtel.

What’s Next…! As a consumer the ISP asks you to pay an additional charge to access Twitter.

So once TRAI stops supporting Net Neutrality the situation will be as said below:

·         Call for your ISP to activate an internet plan and they charge you Rupees 100 for the same.
·         You try to access Facebook and feel glad that you are able to use Facebook with high speed as it comes under Zero Rental Charges.
·         You try to access Google, the page displays still loading or routes to another page asking you to subscribe Google pack and you opt to pay another Rupees 50 else you will look for an alternative and finally end up using
·         Same thing happens with and End up using Flipkart.
Like this you will be forced to employ a website with no selection.

A few weeks back TRAI had released a Consultation Paper with 20 questions, which spreads across 118 pages and wants you guys to send them an email by 24th, April 2015.

save the internet

Today it’s your turn to bring action and inform TRAI that you need Net Neutrality. Conform to the link and post an email to TRAI.