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Best Blogging Niche To Earn 5 Figure Income a Month..!

By Bharath Subramanyam - Wednesday, 15 April 2015 No Comments
Content Marketing (Which is simply sharing information) is the only byword for bloggers or even content marketers. But as we all recognize in that respect is enormous content out there, and it is getting very difficult to find out interesting content.

blogging niche

In-fact, without interesting content all the media or blogs are toothless. But we find people follow the top brands because of their groundbreaking and interesting content.  

Now it has become usual for most of them to buy a domain (paying $1) and start a blog and call themselves as bloggers. But in reality they don’t provide any interesting content! People become inspired by other successful bloggers and begin copying the topics and aim to achieve the destination.

profitable niche

They are not even bothered about the content uniqueness. If one blogger is writing about “How to Get UnlimitedGoogle + Votes” most of them start targeting the same theme and in a week or two most of the feeds would be satisfied with the same topic.

If he/she truly desire to become successful in blogging then why not provide unique and catchy content. To offer such content one must hold a pastime in that subject.

Let’s consider an example of IftekharAhamed, he is interested in sports and whenever there is any sports event he starts event blogging and bring positive answers.

“What’s the reason he is generating positive answers and why you are not generating positive outcomes?”

event blogging

Equally a person Iftekhar has a mass of interest in Sports, which enables him to post the right information.

Let’s get another example, Gaurav Jaggi (God of Webinars), he is really famous in taking webinars, he throws a set of contacts and he communicates with them and arrange webinars so whatever the topic he selects it will be a “god’s pick”.  

blogging webinar

Here most of them are projecting to accomplish success and start event blogging on a sports niche or set off taking hold of people for setting up webinars, which is not at all possible to be a successful person.

Each and every recess (nice or topic) in this globe has audience of interest. For a rough figure there are around 3 billion internet users worldwide, and for every niche you can at-least expect 5% of them (around 150 million). So nonetheless you can reach success if you post innovative content.

Finally, to become successful in blogging then the first thing is to start a blog on your loved niche. “Hope from now on we stop seeing people asking which niche is best, which niche gives you success, blah Abel blah”