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Best Blogging Niche To Earn 5 Figure Income a Month..!

- Wednesday, 15 April 2015 No Comments
Content Marketing (Which is simply sharing information) is the only byword for bloggers or even content marketers. But as we all recognize in that respect is enormous content out there, and it is getting very difficult to find out interesting content.

blogging niche

In-fact, without interesting content all the media or blogs are toothless. But we find people follow the top brands because of their groundbreaking and interesting content.  

Now it has become usual for most of them to buy a domain (paying $1) and start a blog and call themselves as bloggers. But in reality they don’t provide any interesting content! People become inspired by other successful bloggers and begin copying the topics and aim to achieve the destination.

profitable niche

They are not even bothered about the content uniqueness. If one blogger is writing about “How to Get UnlimitedGoogle + Votes” most of them start targeting the same theme and in a week or two most of the feeds would be satisfied with the same topic.

If he/she truly desire to become successful in blogging then why not provide unique and catchy content. To offer such content one must hold a pastime in that subject.

Let’s consider an example of IftekharAhamed, he is interested in sports and whenever there is any sports event he starts event blogging and bring positive answers.

“What’s the reason he is generating positive answers and why you are not generating positive outcomes?”

event blogging

Equally a person Iftekhar has a mass of interest in Sports, which enables him to post the right information.

Let’s get another example, Gaurav Jaggi (God of Webinars), he is really famous in taking webinars, he throws a set of contacts and he communicates with them and arrange webinars so whatever the topic he selects it will be a “god’s pick”.  

blogging webinar

Here most of them are projecting to accomplish success and start event blogging on a sports niche or set off taking hold of people for setting up webinars, which is not at all possible to be a successful person.

Each and every recess (nice or topic) in this globe has audience of interest. For a rough figure there are around 3 billion internet users worldwide, and for every niche you can at-least expect 5% of them (around 150 million). So nonetheless you can reach success if you post innovative content.

Finally, to become successful in blogging then the first thing is to start a blog on your loved niche. “Hope from now on we stop seeing people asking which niche is best, which niche gives you success, blah Abel blah”

Net Neutrality - Defend Internet Freedom in India!

- Monday, 13 April 2015 No Comments

What exactly is the Internet?

The cyberspace is a medium, which is built roughly the idea of nakedness. The cyberspace is a platform which permits people to join and share the information freely.

What is being done to preserve Net Neutrality?  

Net Neutrality is nothing but freedom. Yes, previously we use to access any page on the web which belongs to any region of the universe. In elementary terms, suppose you are using a data pack and you have been charged Rupees 250 for 1GB data usage per month. 

Here you are allowed to access any internet site with equal speeds either it is YouTube, Facebook or WhatsApp, you are free to practice it until you consume 1GB.

What Will Happen When There Is No Net Neutrality?

When there is a situation, that there is no Net Neutrality, your ISP will hold the ability to regulate the Internet structure. For instance, currently in India Airtel and Vodafone are the two major telecommunication operators or ISP’s who are against “Net Neutrality”.

net neutrality

How Does It Affect Us?

When TRAI approves ISP’s application against Net Neutrality, then you will be charged 10 times more what you are paying today. For object lesson, as Google, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook & Twitter are a few of the major websites which are being accessed by the majority of Internet users. 

Those IPS’s demands some share of their income and if those websites refuse to pay then we the consumers are starting to pay for it.

save the internet

Presently Facebook is a part of the ISP’s Zero Rental Plan, and people who opted for ISP’s Zero Rental Data Plan you are allowed to access Facebook for free as Facebook has paid for that ISP. And finally that ISP has blocked the access to Twitter as they declined to ante up for Airtel.

What’s Next…! As a consumer the ISP asks you to pay an additional charge to access Twitter.

So once TRAI stops supporting Net Neutrality the situation will be as said below:

·         Call for your ISP to activate an internet plan and they charge you Rupees 100 for the same.
·         You try to access Facebook and feel glad that you are able to use Facebook with high speed as it comes under Zero Rental Charges.
·         You try to access Google, the page displays still loading or routes to another page asking you to subscribe Google pack and you opt to pay another Rupees 50 else you will look for an alternative and finally end up using
·         Same thing happens with and End up using Flipkart.
Like this you will be forced to employ a website with no selection.

A few weeks back TRAI had released a Consultation Paper with 20 questions, which spreads across 118 pages and wants you guys to send them an email by 24th, April 2015.

save the internet

Today it’s your turn to bring action and inform TRAI that you need Net Neutrality. Conform to the link and post an email to TRAI.  

Unlimited Google Plus 1's...!

- Tuesday, 30 September 2014 No Comments
Followed by Facebook, now days more and more people are relying on Google+. When it comes to bloggers or businesses, most of them consider Google Plus as their master strategy for promoting their content. 

google plus votes

Out of 200 Google’s search algorithms as well as upcoming Panda and Penguin updates, any website with good social strength has the chances of ordering good in search engines.

Good Social Strength = Higher Social Shares

Higher Social Shares = Google SERP Rankings

Do you want more Google +1’s to your page, who doesn’t want? This simple trick helps you to take full benefit of Google+. It is suggested to apply the social sharing widgets on your site to engage the readers. 

Broadly speaking, if you have a dependable routine of members connected to your Google+ profile you can expect huge Google+ Votes. Another way is to post quality content. With your quality content and perfectly SEO optimized website you can see the flow of readers through organic search.

Let’s assume 1000 readers have reached your website, out of which at-least 100 would surely vote for you, and expect to arrest some 40 + votes from their friends and so on…

Still Not Able To Get Enough Votes?

Here's the master trick. As all of us know Google+ is one of the products of Google and it always takes the top preference out of other social networks available in the industry. So Google Plus Votes eventually help your site to rank easily in search engines. 

google pus 1

Most of you might know this trick, firstly you must begin to explore and join all of the communities having huge members. Careful to select the best possible community matching your niche. Of course, you can link up all the available communities with a large number of members and manage to get few Votes also, but it’s not given notice to behave thus.

Recommended Communities

google plus communities

Hope you guys liked the trick…! Let our readers know what you experience. Do share this bit with your near and dear ones.

Will Google Penalize Me..?

- Wednesday, 24 September 2014 No Comments
In this beautiful blogging era, we come across thousands of bloggers and not everybody retain their old domain names. Though few of them do hold, even though they are not using those, but there are a few causes why people opt for a new domain name, and redirect their old subdomain to a new base domain. 

 At present the main Point is “Will Google penalize me for redirecting my old site to my new website with duplicate content?” 

google penalty

For instance, assume I have been practicing a self-hosted domain like, and most of my pages are ranking well on search engines. The majority of SERPs is because of domain popularity. ( 

And it is something like I am helping my host ( to rank in search engine rather ranking my own domain. 

Precisely to avoid this, I have resolved to buy a custom domain, and contrived to change all of my contents to my base domain ( After which the contents present in my new domain is a duplicate content of Though both the domains belong to me, the users or bots will not acknowledge this fact. 

But to know the readers that I have switched to a new area, I have to redirect all of my subdomain URL’s to a new area. Whenever a user click on they automatically redirect to

Q. But now the question is will I be penalized by Google for duplicate content?
A. No, if you provide a 301 redirect on your sub-domain, you are in a safe zone and you don’t need to worry about the duplicate content. And after some time when you find your new domain ranking well in Google search results, it is suggested to take out the redirection and dump your old website.

And right away you begin creating an XML sitemap for your new website and submit it to the search engines via their respective Webmaster Tools. 

Most of the newbies just ignore this and move from free hosted domains to new custom domains, without using 301 redirect. Hence the contents posted on your new website is viewed as duplicate content. And eventually end up with a slap by search engines.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Penguin 3.0 Might Bring Tears…!

- Tuesday, 23 September 2014 No Comments
Since Google announced about their upcoming algorithm update, most of the webmasters are worried. Yes, as this update will shake up the rankings of your blogs or websites. The mooring will be like, for most of them this would be the destination of their blogging journey. Where many would face a huge drop in their rankings.

google penguin 3.0

Beat Google for some sympathy, needing time to release this update. And most of the webmasters are taking this as an advantage and making things favorable for the update.

Worrying that your blog or website might be a victim of penalty? Let’s, have a close look on what factors make you the victim of this update.

Direct Target For Those….!

penguin 3.0

Low Quality or Irrelevant Backlinks

As we altogether know, Google does not tolerate irrelevant or low quality links as easily as low quality content. But the question is, “What exactly is Low Quality Links?” And the answer is, the links which are coming from irrelevant websites or from niche websites which has low quality content are called as low quality connections.

low quality links

How Safe is Guest Posting?

Now days, there are webmasters who prefer guest posts for building links. And in a rush or in a motivation to acquire a huge number of backlinks they start outsourcing the project or see some of the third party web sites like, where they can detect hundreds of sites to sink on their guest posts.

But the question is not all of the blogs or websites @ are high authority sites. And most of the newcomers tend to take backlinks from those resources, expecting some link juice to be blogged. But really there are not in a situation to evaluate the value of the website.

guest posting

In that respect are people who go help with SEO tools to generate backlinks and the links acquired in such way are likewise viewed as low quality connections.

I honestly request our readers to stop Guest Posting, or any other type of link building. The links pointing your blog should appear natural. The reader with his own interest has to give you a link, and such one link is equal to 1000 low quality links.

Stuffing Anchor Texts

Every bit you know Google always love quality links, and in order to rank in SERPs, few of the webmasters follow the rule on matching “Anchor Texts”. Unreasonable number of anchor texts will lead to penalization by Google. Then block off this style of establishing links and focus on posting quality and catchy content for your loyal readers and see your backlinks grow like a spell.

anchor text

How to Stay Safe From Penguin 3.0?

play safe

The first and foremost step is to conclude whether your blog is affected by Penguin or not. You can make use of this Penguin Penalty Checker Tool, which compares your web traffic to the penguin roll out dates. If you can experience drop in traffic, and so the tears will be for getting impacted by Penguin. Else it will be tears of delight.

Foremost, create a list of all the backlink sources and attempt to assess the low quality sites, and contact the respective webmasters and asking them to get rid of the tie. Or you can use Disavow tool, which tells Google not to count those links.

If you are not capable to evaluate the caliber of a link, then the last and final option is to opt for Link Audit to make sure that all of your backlinks conform to Google Webmasters Guidelines.

Google Penguin 3.0 Launch Date?

Considerably, no one recognizes the precise time and day of the release, but for certain it will be wheeled away by the close of 2014.

You can throw a look at the video, in which John Mueller, Google Employee, makes clear about the launch of Google Penguin 3.0.


The key takeout from this situation is that EVERYONE should pay attention to the quality of backlinks they have and ensure there are no low quality connections. And if you believe that it might take time to get rid of those low quality spammy links then, speedily establish a list of all low quality connections and use the Disavow Tool (before the update) to tell Google not to count those.

Or if you are ready to take a chance, then be ready to enjoy your blogs or websites without organic traffic from Google for nearly 10 to 12 months.   

Please share your thoughts via the comment section. Besides, do share this post with your fellow bloggers and help them to be safe from the update. 

What is Web Hosting?

- Monday, 22 September 2014 No Comments
What is a Web host? Is it the same question that is bulging up in your head? Then, for sure you are a freshman who has entered just into the world of cyberspace.

what is web hosting

In my earlier posts, I spilled the beans about how to turn a successful blogger and how to produce a blog.

To embark on a blog or website, hosting is a must. Web hosting is a type of server or service, which helps to access a website over the web.

Web Hosting

If you like to get your website visible to any user on this globe at some period of time, your website or blog must be connected to a host or computer with internet connection 24/7/365.

Q. What is a Web Server?

A. A web server is a computer packed with high-end equipment, which is well enough to keep 24/7/365 without any interruption.

Essentially, there are three types of web hosting – your own waiter (host), paid and free web hosting.

Server on Your Own Web Server: Hosting your website or blog on your own server requires you to take in the proper equipment, which includes a high-end web server, a secure internet connection, a legitimate OS.

Web Server

Listed below are a bunch of checklists, on which you must be talented before hosting your site on your own host:
1: A high-speed internet link, which must be connected for 24/7/365 (corporate leased line)
2: Should have exceptional website management skills like managing or configuring the web server OS, firewalls, and many more.
3: Should have a power backup to your web host to avoid power shortage in power cuts.
4: High End web server with the latest hardware which can take 24/7/365.

what is web server

When you appear at the above checklists, and assuming you can afford the expenses, it is recommended to extend for a paid web hosting. Only if you contrive to wield your own server if you receive more than fifty websites or even a single website with massive visitors, and if you are highly talented to bring off a network server then you can choose for your own host.

Paid Web Hosting:

Opting for a third-party paid web hosting is a trouble free job. The primary benefit of choosing a paid web hosting is that you can concentrate more on your web site (or whatsoever is important to you).

Some other benefit is if you are a starter in the hosting world, and if you face any problems while putting up your blog, you can always ask for help as most of the hosting companies provide instant help through live chat, and some over the phone and emails.

paid web hosting

Once you prefer one of the paid hosting, you can compare the prices they charge with the toll of employing your own web host.

Free Third Party Web Hosting:

There are many of the freely available third-party web hosting companies, but to host your website there, they would need to put their ads on your website, which is the main drawback.

If you are quick to place their ads and host on their web server, below are few of the free third-party web hosting services:

8: (not worthy), there are lots of such providers to list out.

Have you guys used any of the free third-party web hosting, don't hesitate to share your experiences with our readers, drop your comment with the problems you have been facing.

Don’t you remember it is worth sharing this spot?